Seymur Rasulov

Personal Coach / Trainer

If you could describe Seymur with three of his own words, those words would be: "I believe yes." Seymur received his MSc from the University of Illinois with 3.8 GPA.


Project Coordinator

If you come to Abid with a problem, challenge, question, concern, you will leave with a solution and an answer. He is a real doer! Abid received his BA in Turkey.

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Only Equation You Need to Remember

In this TEDx talk, Seymur redefines success with only three words. He claims that it is possible and easy to write an equation of success with only three words. And he believes this equation is ultimately the only equation you need to remember.

TEDxBITSPilani in Dubai, UAE, December 2015

Courage to Change

Seymur claims we are travelers on this planet and we need to take one and only one thing with us on this journey in life. In this TEDx talk, Seymur shares his favorite in English language and what that word really means. He believes one word can actually help us accomplish a lot.

TEDxFSU in Jena, Germany, February 2015

Heroes' Day

What does it take to be a hero: acostume, super-powers, or a lot of money? None! With random acts of kindness we all can become a hero. In this humorous speech, Seymur shares his story about his arrival in Doha and how everyday heroes helped him during his first weeks in a new city. 

Toastmasters Intl., Doha, Qatar, April 2014

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
- Thomas Edison


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