Personal Coaching

Wouldn't that be amazing to have a personal trainer for every area of your life/ Now you can! With our coaching program, you will have freedom to share your ideas, plans, goals, and put everything on a table and take a totally different look with a fresh new perspective!

Personal coaching at SAYMORE will empower you to unlock your potential and maximize your personal and professional growth. 

Coaching at SAYMORE involves working in a partnership with you to provide structure, guidance and support for you to take a complete look at your current state, including your assumptions and perceptions about your education, your work and your future. 

Coaching will help you to set relevant and realistic goals, based on your nature and needs. Once this is done together with you, we will plan relevant and realistic actions toward reaching your goals. This must be the change you have been looking for. Tell me: what are you waiting for?

In This Package

30-minute Personal Coaching

3-hour Personal Coaching

1-day Personal Coaching (Lunch included)



only 59 AZN

only 189 AZN


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