Coffee 2.0.5 
Networking Tuesdays
Theme: How to Become a Freelancer
Would you like to meet amazing people and enjoy a great evening of networking? Would you like to learn what being a freelancer is and maybe you would like to become a freelancer? Do you know how to become a freelancer? 
Grab your courage, your socializing skills and join us on October 4th at Park Inn Hotel to meet and greet wonderful people, share ideas and connect with bright minds. Here is what will be expecting you:
- Business Coffee Break
- 3 Networking Activities
- How to Become a Freelancer (Seymur)
- Why I Complain More with Facebook (Nijat)
- What is the Future Like in Corporate World? (Seymur)
Price: 6.90 AZN. 
What is included in the price?

Freshly brewed coffee, Black tea, Green tea, Fruit infusion tea, Herbal tea, Milk 

English cake, Danish cake

Cookies (pistachio ball, coconut cookies, chocolate chip, dill cookies, parmesan cookies)


Networking Opportunity


training & coaching