Data Visualization and Analysis

An Excel sheet with tons of data is boring, tiring and distracting! How about we fall in love with data and make it beautiful, attractive and easy to understand?

Our training is focused on communicating complex information with visually appealing charts, graphs and maps. You will learn to create a clearer, more meaningful picture of complex information and publicly available data, tell stories with interactive maps, and create beautiful and effective graphs and charts.


Data Visualization and Analysis is ideal for people interested in a rapid-paced, immersive experience in data visualization tools & techniques. This workshop is ideal for scientists, communication professionals, journalists, bloggers, educators and those interested in becoming proficient in learning to communicate data with clarity and creativity.

You will:

  • Learn to employ good graphic design techniques with data visualizations.

  • Create interactive data illustrations for the web.

  • Learn to create interactive maps.

  • Learn the importance of and how to clean and process data for visualizations.

  • Employ best practices for using interactive databases to create visualizations and maps that tell stories with data.

  • Get hands-on experience using Datawrapper, Tableau Public, Carto DB and infographic tools.

In This Package

4-hour Data Visualization and Analysis

8-hour Data Visualization and Analysis

(Lunch included) 


only 49 AZN

only 89 AZN


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