Writing in English: Essays and Applications

Everybody writes, right? But not everybody writes right!


There are some professional writing techniques that you can apply in your essay writing or your applications to schools, universities, colleges, international study programs, and so on. Overall, you want to create a compelling story. So how do you create a compelling story?

With our writing workshops, you will learn that the important “rules” for professional writing are correct grammar, good writing style, clear organization, or proper documentation format. You will also learn to engage the values, vocabulary, forms, and manners of the language as well as understand your position, what you bring to the table with your sentences, to join in effective communication and good writing. With our workshops, write your essays and applicatins right!

In This Package

3-hour in-person Essay Writing & Review

3-hour in-person Academic Writing & Review

8-hour Effective Writing Workshop with Exercises


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