ScoreMore - IELTS Workshops
With our workshops, you will score more!
Would you like to score 7 and higher on IELTS exam? Are you tired of changing language centers in the search of a better place that actually meets your needs? Would you like to take classes from an expert who scored 9 on IELTS?
We have got good news for you!
We are introducing 4-hour intensive skill-based IELTS workshops every Sunday starting Sunday September 18th. Every Sunday there will be two sessions: 4 hours on Reading, 4 hours on Writing. Later the next Sunday it will be 4 hours on Speaking and 4 hours on Listening. Each session will be independent, which means you can choose to join only one session of 4 hours, and if you like it, you can join others. Every session will include an exam.
The workshop will be organized and led by Hamid K., a member of Team SAYMORE who actually scored 9 on IELTS. His certificate is available to review during the class. The price for a 4-hour session is 26.90 AZN. The price includes:
- IELTS Diagnostic Exam
- Hands-on IELTS exercises
- Business Coffee Break
- Questions and Answers
Price: 26.90 AZN. 
What is included in the coffee break?

Freshly brewed coffee, Black tea, Green tea, Fruit infusion tea, Herbal tea, Milk 

English cake, Danish cake

Cookies (pistachio ball, coconut cookies, chocolate chip, dill cookies, parmesan cookies)


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