Interview Skills: In-Person, Phone & Skype

Are you afraid of interviews and sometimes don't even know how to prepare for them? Let's agree: when it comes to landing a job, it's all about the impression you make at an in-person, phone or a Skype interview. It comes down to your interviewing skills. With our workshops, you will learn and practice how to overcome your interview fears, and you will refine your pitch. At the end of the workshop you will know how to tackle even the hardest interview questions.

You will go through a mock interview. This interview will be recorded, later analyzed and studied in your presence. The mock interview will give you a great opportunity to test your ideas and practice your interview skills. By the end of workshop, you will be ready for any tough interview. Ready to be challenged?

In This Package

3-hour In-Person Interview Preparation

5-hour Interview Preparation for in-person, phone and Skype interviews. Video recording included.


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