Be Inspired to Inspire Others!

I flew with #FlyDubai on Sunday to Dubai merely because I couldn't find a ticket for AZAL or Qatar Airways. Recently a big fan of AZAL, and a gold member of Qatar Airways. So I really did not want to fly with #FlyDubai but had no other choice. After the flight, I was glad that I did. I noticed a very warm customer service on that specific flight, and something cool happened. Just before landing, the captain spoke, just like all captains do: a weather report, local time, arrival timing, etc.

Here is the fun part: this captain named all his crew by names and thanked them one by one. It was a two-hour flight, he didn't have to do it. But he chose to do it. I bet if he had known our names individually, he would do the same for customers :-) That would be fun.

On my way to exit after the arrival, I stopped by the cockpit and said to him that he had done something only true leaders would do. He was surprised that someone noticed it. I am sure he will do it again. And we will keep noticing such cool acts of leadership. Be inspired, and keep inspiring others. 

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