Life is Happening Outside the Box

I love technology and I call myself an early adopter. I had a Google Glass when people did not know what WhatsApp was. I have a Samsung Smart Watch and many people still never heard of Venmo.

But the more I use my phone (Google Nexus 6, not like those people who have the latest iPhones but cannot do anything with them) and I come to a conclusion that when this small box in our pockets vibrates, we feel hope [of winning, receiving good news] and fear [of losing our beloved people, death, accidents] and with this hope/fear combination our loneliness goes away for a second, then we check, and we lose (again). Then we repeat. When we spend time on our phones, life happens to pass by. We miss it.

Recording Dubai Fountains with an iPad won't give you the same pleasure. Life is happening around us, outside that small box in your hands/pockets. Let's not miss it.

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