Public Speaking

Have you ever been asked to speak in front of a group of peers or colleagues? Have you had sweaty palms and shaky voice when you are asked to get on the stage? Did you ever feel your heart in your mouth because you had to stand in front of a group of strangers and talk? Have you had a feeling of not knowing what to do with your hands while speaking?


Whether it is your 1st or 100th time, speaking in public is a fear of a lot of people, and could be yours too. Public Speaking could haunt you anywhere if you are not prepared, whether it's speaking in the staff meeting, giving a speech in front of your peers, raising a toast at your friend's wedding, or being called on in a class.


The question is how to get you from someone in the throes of a panic attack to a confident speaker? The answer is simple: Discover your hidden voice! This course is specifically designed to help you to accomplish this task.


This training aims to introduce you to a practical, hands-on approach to effective public speaking. The focus is on developing YOUR personal style of speaking that is confident, spontaneous, energetic and vocally and physically expressive. Through exercises, speech presentations and individual coaching, you will learn how to present and develop a persuasive argument while maintaining an audience's interest. By the end of this course, you will be ready to get in front of an audience of any size and begin speaking confidently and competently.

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2-day Public Speaking (Lunch included)


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