How My Laziness Inspired Me

For the last two days I could not find either time or a desire to go to the gym. The brain is an amazing thing: when you do not want to do the things that are necessary and part of your targets, schedules, tasks, the brain finds so many logical excuses that actually make sense :-)

But when I skip my workout or my gym day, I feel guilty. I feel down, sort of depressed that I missed my workout, uninspired and demotivated. However, I recently read this great book on willpower by Dr. McGonigal called "Willpower Instinct" where she talks about how feeling guilty will demotivate you further and will help you find more excuses for the next day if you let it take over. The method brain uses is called "what the hell" effect. Imagine this: when you take a bite from that cheesecake or doughnut, you think, well, I ruined my diet anyway, so what the hell, I will eat the entire piece. This is wrong. The right thing would be to stop there and remember why you are not doing it in the first place.

You need to learn to forgive yourself and not be the victim of the "what the hell effect." It worked great for me. Nevertheless, I am not trying to justify my laziness. My point is when you cannot follow your schedule or do your routine tasks or your homework, whatever it is, instead of being demotivated and abandoning that thing for good, stop right there, estimate the damage and get back on track. Tomorrow I will hit the gym again. So I suggest that you too put down that bar of chocolate, stop watching that Youtube clip, give up that game on your phone and get back to the real thing - whatever it is. Only discipline will take you from where you are today to where you have always dreamed to be! Unless you are comfortable in your comfort zone, just like our beloved Homer Simpson.

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