Getting a Wrong Job is like Getting on the Wrong Bus

I dashed out of my apartment with the purple back-pack swinging right and left from my shoulder. I could barely wear my shoes thinking I can do it on the bus. With the Sun hitting on my dark wavy hair and the wind bringing all the dust in the city into my ears, eyes and nose, I was almost at the bus stop, aaand... my bus left. "Dammit! Now I have to wait another 15 minutes." I missed the bus #88 that would take me to the address I was planning to go. What do I do now?

Before I could think of any other solution, I saw another bus (#6). My initial thought was: "eh, it is going in the same direction anyway, most likely will take me to my destination." I jumped on it and started to enjoy my ride by reading an article from Seth Godin. When I raised my head from my phone to see if I have arrived, I could see no familiar landmark. I was in the wrong neighborhood because the bus took me to a different place. I panicked with a thought that I would be late to my meeting. I started blaming myself for taking a bus that I was not sure about and did not know the final destination. I took the wrong bus based on an assumption.

How does this apply to our career choices? Based on my experience as a coach and trainer, I can claim this: the same happens when we accept a wrong job offer just because it seems it will take us in the right direction. We arrive at the dead-end. When we see a job - any random job, we rush to assume that this job is the dream job, and we accept it blindly later to realize that we are in the wrong direction! We get on the wrong career bus, and when we arrive, we panic because the final destination is not what we thought it would be. When we take the wrong career bus, we waste time and get late to where we were planning to go. And sometimes we miss the right bus just because we already are departed with the wrong one.

I learned three lessons today, and these lessons can apply to you too when you are about to make a career choice:

1- Do not get on any bus just because it seems like it will take you in the right direction. Double check, see if it really goes where you are planning to go. Don't take any job immediately because it is a job and may seem better than unemployment. Getting a wrong job will be waste of your time, and it will definitely add a great deal of stress to your life.

2- Get off as soon as possible when you realize you are on the wrong bus. Leave the job the moment you think you made a wrong choice. This will save you a great deal of time and energy.

3- Stop whining and focus on getting back on the right bus. When you leave the wrong job, you have two options: a) sit there in the middle of nowhere and complain, whine and cry; or b) immediately look for the next bus, the right one and get on it as soon as it arrives. Find the job that will make you happy, satisfied and fulfilled, and start building your experience on it as soon as you can.

I got on the wrong bus today but this experience taught me one more thing: now I know that this bus does not go in the direction I want; so I will always avoid it. And this is the bonus lesson I learned from getting on the wrong bus.

Find your correct bus and enjoy the ride!

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