Want to Be Successful in Life? Try Physics - Here is How

You may think I link success with physics because I am good at physics. As a matter of fact the opposite is true. At school I sucked at physics. Not because I didn't understand it, I did. But because I was lazy to study it. There are several layers of laziness - think of the last one, that was me. Elman Sharifov, my desk-mate and still a good friend of mine used to help me.

Anyway, I am not planning to tell you my life story from the school years. Even if I don't remember many things from my physics classes, I remember Newton's Laws. There are 3 laws and to be honest I only understand the 1st Law.

Here how it works, in the simplest language I can:

Part 1: an object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it.

Part 2: an object that is in motion will not change its velocity unless a force acts upon it.

Huh? How is it related to being successful in life? Good question! I was thinking about the same thing when I was in my bed lying around for almost an hour. With curiosity on my mind and the tablet in my hand I got off the bed and started reading how Newtons' 1st Law relates to success. Wait a second, I just applied Newton's Law without even realizing it. I was at rest, and then moved because a force acted upon me - the force of curiosity.

I kept reading the article, and the topic was so interesting that I read another article in the same context and even watched a video. Wait, again? I continued applying Newton's Law in life without even noticing it: being in motion unless force acts upon it which in this case it was keeping reading. I kept being in motion.

Are you confused? Me too. I knew this physics thing was not a good idea but bear with me. Imagine you are at rest (unemployed in this case) for some time. Newton's 1st Law says that if you don't use any force on yourself, you will keep being at rest (keep being unemployed). What you need to do is to start doing something. Stop being at rest.

And once you start doing something, you will keep going on until someone stops you, or maybe you stop yourself. If you have a plan or a goal, then use Newton's 1st Law to get out of rest and keep moving. Start reading a little bit every day; write a diary for 3 minutes each day; take a class and do the exercises for only 15 minutes every day, or work out for only 4 minutes every morning. That is, my friend, how you will get out of your comfort zone.

One step at a time... One small action at a time... Keep moving!

I know this may sound complicated, but hey, at least you are trying to understand. You are already out of your rest position. Keep moving and keep the motion going on!

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