When Your Are Uninspired: How To Find Your Muse

Many people ask me: "How do I accomplish certain goals? How do I get rid of my lazy self?" or "How do you stay focused?"

One day a guy comes to the wise man and asks: "Master, what does IDK mean?" And the wise man looks at this bright young man, and says, "Well, son, I Don't Know."

Well, I don't know, to be honest - I don't know what to do when inspiration is out of sight. I don't know what to do when our bodies have run out of inspiration. Sad!

But... What I know is what triggers MY INSPIRATION. Here is how it happens. Every morning I am lazy to do my tabata workout. It is a 4-min workout, yes, 4 minutes only! But I am lazy to do that. So what I do?

Every evening I try to write an article, and some evenings it is much harder to keep the promise than others. I feel stuck. So what do I do?

I want new things, I dream of new goals, and I aim to accomplish new peaks. I want a better future for my son, and comfortable life for my wife. I want a happy future for my family. But I feel lazy to work on goals. So what do I do?

I have workshops to deliver, emails to reply and tasks to do. But I don't feel like. So what do I do?

Here is what I do... I look at this and this and watch this and listen to this.

These things inspire me to take one step towards my goal. One step at a time.

I know that I will not become a world fitness champion in one day, but I know that if I eat healthy today, it will be better than yesterday. I know I will not become successful as I wish to be, but I know when I finish this very article, I will be a step closer to my goal. I know I will not get castles or palaces for my son, but as of today he has his own room. That is a beginning!

One step at a time... One oil barrel at a time... (Read the story below)

One oil barrel at a time...

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