You Have a Great Potential...

...but are you really using it?

Metro... Not that busy... Almost 10PM.. Icerisheher to Sahil.. Gets really crowded... On my left I can smell the girl who took a shower with her favorite perfume, and on my right I can smell the guy who almost never showered... I see bunch of people, with almost zero smile on their faces... Headed home... I see youth, full of energy and joy... I see men and women, I see kids, I see elderly and I see children. I see people... Everyone sees one another...

I also something not everyone can see. I see two groups of people in that crowd: people who do, and people who don't. People who do have goals and dreams, and people who don't have a single dream. People who do work hard to reach your targets, and people who don't do any work... People who are ready to commit, work hard as and not quit, and people don't even think of these and who have already given up... I see two groups of people...

Not sure who is in which group though, and this is the best part. It is up to each and every individual to choose which group they want to belong to. It is their choice and their preference. It is also possible to jump from one group to another, but only a small group of people do actually change their groups.

How about you? Which group do you belong to? Doers or just Talkers?

Pull yourself together and get into the group of Doers, if you are not there yet!

You have a great potential, are you going to waste it?

#lazy #success #workinghard #commitment

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