I Got Detained and That is How All Started

This was my second time to visit Israel. Both times I was on a business trip. Even though almost everyone told me that I would have a problem at the border, the first time everything went as smooth as it could be. No questions asked when I entered, no questions asked when I left the country.

This time since the moment I landed in the State of Israel, everything went bumpy. First I got detained at the border for 3 hours, got questioned several times about my travel history in the Middle East, about my intentions to visit, and many other details. I waited, and waited, with zero panic because I was mentally prepared for such an adventure. Even though I could enter the country after 3 hours of interrogation, my exit was even more fun.

It happened when the security girl asked me to step out from the line and leave my bags there. I knew that "men dartdim e" in other words, aha Seymur get ready for another show. All my bags were emptied, and I was searched more than 4 times, and all my items were checked one by one. My shoes were checked at least 3 times. And during this time, I was sitting there, very calm, being mentally ready for such experience. Long story short, after an hour and a half, I was let go.

I was exhausted from my business trip. I went to the plane for my flight operated by Emirates Airlines from Jordan (I go to Tel Aviv through Jordan), I noticed that I was upgraded to a business class for free. As if God sent me a gift for my patience and perseverance.

It was a good surprise, and I would say one gesture helped me forget all the negatives happened in a single day.

There is no specific reason I am sharing this story, but I learned one thing. I learned that I can teach myself to block any prejudice, anger or frustration against any authority or individual. And maybe for us to be able to treat others nicely, avoid judging others and getting angry with them, we just need a simple kind act from someone. Here is the fun thing: what if that someone is you and you can help another person save their day with a simple act of kindness? I know that business class is not just a simple act of kindness. But trust me, sometimes just a hand to a heavy bag, or a smile to a stranger, or even a question of "Can I help you" can change someone's day from hell to heaven.

And you will be proud of yourself that you made someone feel good.

#Emirates made me feel good. Thank you #Emirates. I bet someone somewhere is thanking you for your courtesy and act of kindness. When, where, or whom? That is the fun part. How about always, everyone and everywhere? Be kind! Always.

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