I Will Never Be Popular...

Yes, I will never be popular enough... Neither will you. Sorry, bad news! And that is actually true! No matter who you become, there will be someone better than you, someone more famous than you, someone richer than you, someone more handsome/prettier than you, and someone more charismatic than you!

But, is that what matters the most? The answer is: "No, that is not what matters most!"

Then, what is it that is perceived as more important than all of the above mentioned qualities? What is it that matters more than being popular, rich, charismatic and so on?

Well, the answer is simple. What matters most is how many lives you have touched; how many people you have actually inspired! How many people looked up to you and said/thought: I want to be like him/her? How many lives have you impacted positively? To me, this very thing matters more than being more popular, more charismatic and more successful.

Begin your day with a simple mission: Whisper to yourself when you look in the mirror every morning: "I will go out today, and I will make a difference." Then say it loudly: "I will go out today and I will touch lives, with every single thing I do." You can be working at a language center; you can be writing an article on social media, you can be an IELTS teacher; you can be working for a mobile company; you can be just a student, or maybe an HR of a company, or simply a human being who actually cares about others." No matter who you are!

Your and my mission is not to become popular or rich or charismatic. We have a mission on this planet, and that is to touch lives, with the good deeds of ours, with our actions. We are put on this Earth to inspire others, with our art, with our speaking, with our skills, with our talents. Whatever we have, we need to use it to touch lives, inspire them, motivate them and help them take that hardest step ever, the first one.

Every interaction at workplace, on the bus, at metro, with a stranger, with a friend, with parents, whoever it may be, is an opportunity to make a difference. Use it or you will lose it. Gone.

Go out, everyday, and touch lives. Inspire.

Be inspired. Inspire others. Always.

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